Weirdwood Manor: Layout Design & Compositing

Relish brought me in Wasabi to be part of their creative production team. 


2017 Best Production, All Categories
Youth Media Alliance Grand Prize Winner

2017 Best Original Interactive Content
Youth Media Alliance Winner

2016 Interactive Content for Kids & Youth
Banff Rockie Awards Winner

2016 Best Kids Game App - Tablet
Kidscreen Awards Winner

2015 App Store Editors’ Choice
App Store App of the Year Runner-Up (Canada)

2015 Best in Mobile Entertainment
Digi Award Winner

Project Overview

Weirdwood Manor is a captivating interactive kid's app that takes children on a magical journey through a mysterious and enchanted world. The app features a compelling storyline, quirky characters, hidden rooms, puzzles, and secrets that keep kids engaged and entertained.




3D Layout, Compositing.
Over the series of books, I worked as a Layout Designer and Compositor. As a Layout Designer, I was assigned to pose characters and set cameras following cinematography rules.


The goal was to create a visually stunning and engaging experience for children that would capture their imagination and keep them entertained for hours.


Produce top-quality interactive stories within a short amount of time and act in many roles such as 3D Layout Artist (Staging and animating characters and virtual cameras), and as Compositor (animating 2.5D cameras, adding visual effects). I worked closely with the creative and development teams.


Composite about 5-7 scenes per week, while learning more about Cinematography and Layouting 1-2 scenes.

Outcome & Impact

Weirdwood Manor was a huge success, with kids and parents alike praising the app for its imaginative storyline, engaging gameplay, and beautiful graphics.

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